Showcasing "Shudwe Farm Woods" copper sculpturesShowcasing "Shudwe Farm Woods" copper sculpturesShowcasing "Shudwe Farm Woods" copper sculpturesShowcasing "Shudwe Farm Woods" copper sculptures

About Me

My Background


  My wife (Beth) and I (Bryan) retired in 2013.   I have always enjoyed working with my hands.  I started out cutting down trees on our family farm to use in making serving trays.  Beth has always enjoyed different types of  jewelry so I decided to begin making  jewelry as well.  Beth has also begun making some jewelry herself.  After a while we realized we needed to begin selling some of the pieces we  make.  We didn't feel our children and family members really wanted any more of our pieces as gifts, so we began setting up shop at some arts and crafts shows.  We were pleased when we began selling a good many of our pieces.   I work in sterling silver, copper, brass and nickel silver.  I make jewelry, copper sculptures, knives, copper lamps and a number of other pieces.  I also enjoy designing and making custom pieces.    We now call our business “Shudwe Farm Woods & DuRant Jewelry”.  We now have pieces at three locations. “ One Accord”  in Sumter, SC,  “The Swamp Log” in Bishopville, SC and “Chosen Women’s Apparel and Fine Art” in Charlotte, NC.   This has been a fantastic experience for both of us.     People usually ask us where the name "Shudwe Farm Woods" came from.  Well, my father is 97 and a retired dentist.  In 1963 he bought some property in the country.  It took a couple of years for my Mother and Father to decide if they (should we or should we not) move to the country.  We did move in 1965.  The name was shortened to "Shudwe".  They ended up naming it the "Shudwe Farm".  We hope you enjoy looking at our pieces.   This website is a work in progress.  I started it by including some of  my copper sculptures.  We will be at SEWE (The Southeastern Wildlife Exposition) in Charleston this coming February 14th, 15th and 16th.  I will have my copper sculptures there.  Come see us.    Ph. 803-464-0689/website- shudwe farm woods/ Instagram- ebdurant/ e-mail: 

My Medium


36" Tarpon hand forged from sheet coppper. 

I work in a number of different mediums such as steel, copper, nickle, brass and sterling silver.   

My Inspiration

12" Bluegill

12" Bluegill hand forged from vintage copper.

My inspiration comes from all around me.  I am constantly looking at my surroundings and trying to figure out how I can create something from it or like it.